PAT Testing

Want to take the stress out of your PAT testing so that you can focus on your business?  Then let ES28 LTD manage the process for you.  

ES28 LTD understands that there can be no compromise on 'Health and Safety' and ensure that our Portable Appliance Testing service is a complete service package to ensure your peace of mind.

All all your Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is carried-out in accordance with current guidelines and ensures your compliance with Health and Safety at Work directives.  

In addition to the standard visual checks of cables, we open and inspect all your plugs to ensure that they are correctly wired, terminals are sufficiently tightened and that they are fitted with the appropriately rated fuses.  

Following the visual inspection, all your appliances will be tested with calibrated equipment. Subsequently, all items will be labelled as 'pass' or 'fail' and the test results recorded.  You will be provided with an electronic and/or paper report itemising the results of your Portable Appliance Testing.  Furthermore, should any of your items need repairing these can be undertaken by a qualified electrician.

ES28 LTD can offer you a fast, efficient and cost-effective PAT testing service.  We can fully manage your PAT testing schedule and notify you when your next round of testing is due so that your business is up-to-date.  We are very flexible and able to offer an 'out of hours' PAT testing service at no extra cost!  

Contact us today to arrange your individual quotation.


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